Vengeance Fighting Alliance believes in the spirit of community. The VFA president’s daughter shared the story of one of her classmates with daddy. Her name is Emma:

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Emma was diagnosed with leukemia on July 18th 2013. Emma had been a healthy little girl until cancer took over her body. Emma was immediacy admitted into Texas Children’s hospital where treatment was started. On July 21st Emma took a turn for the worse. A virus she had prior to her diagnosis returned and she was admitted into the PICU (Kids ICU) on July 21st due to high fever, high heart rate and low blood pressure. She was in ICU fro 2 ½ days before returning to oncology floor. She was finally discharged from Texas Children’s hospital on July 27th. She started out patient chemotherapy on July 29th. During chemotherapy, Emma will have lumbar punctures, numerous blood tests and transfusions as needed. With everyone’s prayers, Emma is doing well and we thank God for that everyday!

Emma’s doctors bills are an overwhelming burden.

There are two ways you can help Emma:

Lakeside Bank has an account set up for donations

Walk in and say you would like to donate to the account set up for Emma.

4735 Nelson Road
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Contact Kitty Bruns to purchase an Emma Fundraiser T-Shirt.

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